Top online communities for eLearning Designers: Where to connect and learn

Communities of practice, often abbreviated as CoPs, are groups of individuals who share a common interest, profession, or passion and come together to learn, collaborate, and improve their skills. These communities offer a wealth of knowledge, resources, and networking opportunities that can greatly benefit your eLearning career.

Here is a list of some of the top online communities for eLearning designers.

  • Articulate E-Learning Heroes

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    • Articulate E-Learning Heroes is a community focused on Articulate software products, which are widely used in eLearning design. The community provides forums, tutorials, and challenges to help members improve their skills with Articulate Storyline and Rise. It’s an ideal choice for designers working with these tools.
    • Challenges: One of the standout features of Articulate E-Learning Heroes is its series of challenges. These challenges are interactive, hands-on tasks that encourage members to showcase their creativity and expertise while working with Articulate Storyline and Rise. These challenges cover a wide range of eLearning design scenarios, allowing participants to tackle real-world problems and improve their skills in a practical context.
    • Key Topics
      • Best Practices in eLearning Design
      • Troubleshooting and support for Articulate Software
      • Project showcases and feedback
      • Collaboration opportunities within the community
      • Discussion on industry trends and future directions


  • The eLearning Designer’s Academy

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    • The eLearning Designer’s Academy, help new and existing eLearning designers and instructional designers grow their careers by focusing on the number one thing hiring managers and clients are looking for: tangible skills.
      • Meetings: Weekly Zoom sessions provide students with opportunities to connect, network, and seek guidance. These live meetings also feature 1:1 coaching and feedback from Tim Slade, enhancing the learning experience.
      • Key topics:
        • Focus on practical eLearning and instructional design skills.
        • Led by Tim Slade, who has 15 years of real-world expertise.
        • Eight-week program with over 20 hours of video content.
        • Full instructional design and eLearning development process.
        • Flexible, self-paced learning with lifetime access.
        • Building a showcase portfolio is emphasized.
        • Personalized guidance, including 1:1 coaching.
        • Student-only community for collaboration.
        • Completion certificates to highlight achievements.
        • Teacher discounts available.
        • Paid programme, with 7-day money-back guarantee.


  • The eLearning Coach

    • While not a traditional community forum, The eLearning Coach, run by Connie Malamed, is a valuable resource for eLearning designers. It offers podcasts, articles, and an informative blog that covers various aspects of eLearning design and development.
      • Meetings: The eLearning Coach provides one-on-one sessions to help individuals excel in their eLearning and instructional design careers.
      • Key topics:
        • Instructional Design
        • eLearning Development
        • Learning Objectives
        • Storyboarding
        • Tests
        • User Interface
        • Multimedia (Audio, Graphics, Video)
        • Reviews


  • LXD Club ~ Learning Jam Club

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    • Join the Learning Jam Club for an interactive jam session focusing on collaborative problem-solving in Learning Experience Design (LXD).
      • Meetings: The LXD Club Learning Jam Sessions are dynnamic events aimed at L&D professionals, instructional designers, and LXD enthusiasts, offering an opportunity for participants to engage in interactive discussions, collaborative problem-solving, and idea sharing, fostering a vibrant community focused on creating impactful learning experiences.
      • Key topics
        • Interactive Discussions: Conversations on current trends, challenges, and innovations in LXD.
        • Collaborative Problem-Solving: Group activities to brainstorm solutions and strategies.
        • Idea Sharing: Present ideas, receive feedback, and gain insights from diverse perspectives.
        • Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about learning and development.
        • Positive Environment: Encouraging open-mindedness, collaboration, and fun interactions.


  • Global Learning and Development Community

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    • The Global Learning and Development Community (GLDC) is a dynamic and inclusive community of practice that focuses on fostering networking, peer connections, and collaboration within the realm of Learning and Development (L&D). With members originating from diverse backgrounds and spanning the globe, GLDC embodies a truly international initiative that emphasizes the values of peace, dialogue, and knowledge sharing.
      • Meetings: GLDC has their own online platform to connect with others and stay informed about their events. The community facilitates engagement through free, weekly Zoom meetups thoughtfully scheduled at different times to accommodate the varied time zones of its global members. This approach allows L&D professionals from different regions to actively participate.
      • Key Topics: Within GLDC, discussions span a wide spectrum of L&D-related subjects. These encompass instructional design methodologies, e-learning innovations, strategies for employee training and development, leadership skill enhancement, and more. Members enjoy the opportunity to delve into these topics during their interactions.



    • Follow L&D Shakers on Linkedin
    • L&D Shakers is an international community of practice designed to unite L&D professionals who are dedicated to staying updated on the latest trends, research, and innovations in the realm of learning experience design and effective learning technologies. 
      • Origin: L&D Shakers is a co-created space, where all the learning experiences are co-designed and co-delivered by community members, for free, in their free time, and out of a shared passion for learning.
      • Meetings: The community regularly organizes meet-ups, coaching sessions, and training opportunities for members to collaborate, share best practices, and inspire each other.
      • Key Topics: L&D Shakers members engage in discussions and share insights on topics such as learning technology advancements, instructional design methodologies, learning analytics, and the future of workplace learning.

  • The Learning and Development Collective (LDC Forum)

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    • The Learning and Development Collective (LDC Forum) is a dedicated online space for internal L&D professionals who are passionate and driven to come together and exchange knowledge, ideas, and insights on emerging trends, preferred suppliers, and innovative practices in the field.
      • Origin: LDC Forum attracts internal L&D professionals from various organizations who share a commitment to advancing learning and development efforts.
      • Meetings: The LDC Forum operates as a free online community, providing a convenient platform for members to connect, collaborate, and discuss topics relevant to their roles.
      • Key Topics: Discussions within the LDC Forum encompass a wide array of subjects, including employee onboarding, talent development, learning technologies, and strategies for enhancing organizational learning cultures.


  • The L&D Collective

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    • The L&D Collective is a community of practice that brings together Learning and Development professionals interested in networking, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.
      • Origin: The L&D Collective draws members from diverse backgrounds, fostering a rich exchange of experiences and insights.
      • Meetings: Specific meeting details are not provided, but members likely engage through online platforms or periodic events to facilitate networking and knowledge exchange.
      • Key Topics: The community discusses a wide range of L&D topics, including training methodologies, adult learning theory, performance improvement strategies, and industry trends.


  • Offbeat

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    • Offbeat is a platform designed for L&D professionals seeking career growth through practice and knowledge sharing.
      • Meetings: Offbeat serves as a hub for professionals to connect, share insights, and collaborate.
      • Key Topics: Topics of interest within Offbeat may encompass career development, skills enhancement, innovative training methods, and personal growth within the L&D field.


  • The Training, Learning and Development Community (TLDC)

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    • The Training, Learning, and Development Community (TLDC) is a community of practice dedicated to Learning and Development Professionals. TLDC offers fresh and engaging content, providing inspiration and insights to support the achievement of organizational learning and development objectives.
      • Meetings: TLDC regularly presents content and resources to its members in innovative and engaging ways.
      • Key Topics: TLDC covers a broad spectrum of L&D topics, including instructional design, training delivery methods, e-learning trends, and strategies for aligning L&D with organizational goals.


  • Learning and Development Accelerator

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    • The Learning and Development Accelerator (LDA) is a vibrant community of practice dedicated to advancing the field of Learning and Development (L&D). Comprised of enthusiastic members from various professional backgrounds, LDA offers a platform for fostering connections, sharing insights, and promoting collaboration within the L&D sphere.
      • Meetings: LDA hosts regular online meetings and events, providing opportunities for members to connect, learn, and engage. These meetings are thoughtfully scheduled at various times to accommodate global members from different time zones.
      • Key Topics: LDA covers a wide spectrum of L&D-related subjects during discussions and events. Topics include instructional design methodologies, innovative e-learning approaches, strategies for employee training and development, and enhancing leadership skills. Members can delve into these key topics during interactions, gaining valuable insights and expertise in the L&D field.


Why joining communities of practice?

In the context of eLearning, joining a community of practice can offer several valuable advantages to eLearning Designers, Learning Experience Designers, or any other learning professionals:

  1. Professional development: CoPs provide a structured environment for continuous learning and skill enhancement. Engaging in discussions, webinars, and workshops can help you refine your eLearning design skills and stay informed about industry trends.
  2. Networking opportunities: These communities consist of eLearning professionals, including experienced designers, educators, and industry experts. Connecting with these individuals can facilitate new job prospects, collaborations, and partnerships.
  3. Access to helpful resources: CoPs often maintain extensive resource libraries, including templates, tools, and tutorials. Access to these resources can streamline your eLearning design projects and save you time and effort.
  4. Problem solving: When you encounter challenges or obstacles in your work, CoPs offer a valuable platform for seeking advice, sharing experiences, and receiving guidance from seasoned professionals.
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