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Learning Experience Designers Directory

Directory of Learning Experience Designers and Instructional Designers

Alexander Salas

An accomplished eLearning designer with 15+ years of experience, specializing in learning technologies and gamification for improved performance outcomes. With a background as a U.S. Navy combat veteran and a career spanning Fortune 100 companies in Healthcare, IT, and Sales, this professional also contributes to the community through workshops and a podcast.

Aman Vohra

A skilled Multimedia and eLearning Developer based in Gurgaon, India, specializes in crafting engaging eLearning courses and digital content. With a knack for utilizing a variety of eLearning tools and technologies, this professional is committed to creating innovative learning solutions that meet diverse educational needs.

Amanda Nguyen

Amanda is a Sydney-based Remote Freelance Learning Experience Designer passionate about transforming learning into engaging and effective experiences. Specializing in Learning Experience Design (LXD), she partners with organizations globally to craft learning strategies, mobile apps, and workshops that focus on human connection and improving the employee experience. Known for her creative approach and donut-themed philosophy, Amanda aims to make learning fun and impactful, ensuring it caters to a diverse and global audience.

Amar Kulshreshtha

Based in the US, stands out with over four years of rich experience in multimedia and eLearning development. Their expertise encompasses creating engaging digital content, sophisticated animations, and comprehensive graphic designs that effectively bridge art with technology.

Anamaria Dorgo

With a background in psychology and human resources, she brings over six years of experience as an HR Business Partner, complemented by four years in Learning and Development (L&D), and extensive community-building expertise. Anamaria has led the rollout of L&D and employee engagement strategies across various countries and companies, focusing on transforming L&D from traditional content creation to facilitating knowledge sharing and skill development through innovative approaches. Committed to placing colleagues at the forefront of learning experiences, she aims to cultivate a dynamic culture of learning. Eager to share her insights, she looks forward to fostering mutual growth.

Anel Albertao

A Georgetown University-educated innovator with a passion for bridging educational technology and equity. Her expertise in educational design and technology drives her commitment to creating meaningful and transformative learning experiences.

Anne-Marie Fiore

An accomplished instructional designer, she excels in creating, developing, and delivering diverse educational content and experiences. With a rich background that includes roles as a curriculum specialist, assistant professor, and technology director, she has been recognized with prestigious awards in electronic media and learning program design. She holds a doctoral degree in curriculum and instruction, currently based in New Hampshire.

Ashi Tandon

A skilled Learning Experience Designer with a focus on creating engaging e-learning modules by blending instructional design principles with compelling storytelling. Expertise in tools like Storyline, Captivate, and Photoshop ensures dynamic and impactful learning experiences. Explore a portfolio that showcases innovative design and effective learning solutions.

Ashley Carter

A visionary Learning Experience Designer with over eight years of experience in e-learning development and LMS administration. Specializing in crafting tailored online courses for adult learners in public and nonprofit sectors, she excels in optimizing diverse organizational settings. Her passion lies in nurturing growth and crafting impactful learning experiences that make a tangible difference in learners’ lives. Committed to devising innovative solutions to centralize and streamline processes, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness in educational endeavors.

Ayla Blacklaw

A seasoned freelance learning experience designer and e-learning developer based in Honolulu, Hawaii. With a rich background as a special education teacher, she brings a deep understanding of learning science and a commitment to accessibility in design. Ayla expertly combines her educational insights with design skills to create engaging and inclusive learning solutions. She collaborates with a diverse range of industries, providing expertise in learning experience design and e-learning development. Holding advanced degrees in Special Education, Ayla’s approach is rooted in creating accessible and effective educational experiences for all learners.

Cherisse Lipps

An enthusiastic instructional designer, this professional specializes in blending education, technology, and design to create impactful learning experiences. Her collaborative work has led to innovative solutions showcased in a portfolio featuring projects made with Articulate Rise, Storyline, Adobe Illustrator, After Effects, Canva, and Microsoft Office.

Christine Vadovszki

An instructional designer, eLearning developer, and coach, this professional is dedicated to creating transformative, learner-centric experiences. With a focus on designing and developing learning solutions that bridge learning gaps and foster performance and behavior changes, she brings a wealth of technical skills to her projects. Proficient in tools such as Articulate Storyline and Rise, Canva, Vyond, Camtasia, and more, she is well-equipped to tackle a wide array of eLearning challenges.

Courtney Roberts

A specialist in instructional videos and e-learning courses, this professional crafts engaging and effective content tailored for modern learners. Their approach, emphasizing design, detail, and clarity, enhances learner engagement and connection. Known for a solutions-oriented approach to instructional design, their work significantly boosts learning outcomes and product adoption, marking them as a key asset in enhancing educational experiences.

Dan Eccleston

A dedicated Instructional Designer with a unique blend of creativity and technical/product development expertise, who brings a passion for crafting engaging learning experiences. Currently working as a Product Developer with West Midlands Police in England.

Devlin Peck

Running an Instructional Design bootcamp since 2020, the focus is on empowering instructional designers to craft meaningful eLearning projects. Through innovative teaching and a commitment to practical applications, the bootcamp supports the creation of impactful learning experiences. Emphasizing scenario-based learning, responsive design, and the effective use of xAPI technology, the goal is to redefine educational standards and enhance learning outcomes across various industries, from cybersecurity awareness to health and wellness.

Emine Sharma

A professional with a lifelong talent for creating deeply resonant learning experiences. Specializes in designing educational journeys that captivate and engage learners. Extensive research in learning theories, brain-based learning, experiential learning, learning technologies, and storytelling. Skilled in creating full-sensory experiences that shape neural pathways, combined with solid organizational skills, discipline, and open communication for seamless integration of theory and practice.

Emma Berry

A creative enthusiast with a flair for digital learning, this professional boasts eight years in Learning and Development, skillfully navigating sectors from automotive to healthcare. Equipped with a BA Hons in Illustration and a Professional Diploma in Digital Learning Design, their expertise spans instructional design, Adobe Creative Suite, and multimedia principles. Currently, they offer freelance digital learning services, blending creativity with instructional know-how to enhance organizational learning experiences.

Fe’dricka M Moore

With over 17 years of experience in education and management, she brings a wealth of expertise in curriculum design, content development, and training activities. Her commitment to sound instructional design principles ensures engaging learning experiences that leverage technology and practical visuals. She aspires to help organizations enhance their workforce through quality training initiatives.

Gokcenur Inan

A seasoned educator and Learning Experience Designer, who gained extensive experience through various European exchange programs and an impactful internship at the British International School of Gdansk. Since 2014, she has specialized in international curricula and innovative educational design. Transitioning to the corporate world, she focuses on User Experience Design and digital learning tools, driven by a passion for creating engaging and effective learning solutions.

Ilona Winnemore

Based in Seattle, WA, this Instructional Designer stands out for crafting engaging eLearning experiences that span interactive courses, AI, and augmented reality. With expertise in platforms like Articulate Storyline, this professional has also led workshops and presented at conferences, demonstrating a keen ability to integrate technology in education.

Jared Speight

With fifteen years of expertise in learning and development, this instructional designer is dedicated to crafting accessible learning materials aimed at boosting organizational efficiency and achieving strategic goals. Recognized for responsiveness, a keen willingness to assist, and an ability to exceed project timelines, even under tight deadlines, their work is highly praised by clients for its impact and effectiveness in training initiatives.

Jayashree Ravi

A passionate instructional designer with 10 years of experience, this professional specializes in creating engaging, technology-driven learning experiences. Their approach combines detailed research with innovative design, focusing on learners’ needs. Actively participating in industry events and communities, they stay updated on the latest trends. Committed to transformative learning, they seek collaborations that inspire and empower learners.

Jeniffer Brubaker

With twenty years in training and development focused on automotive manufacturing, this professional specializes in converting traditional training into self-paced lab activities, enhancing learning retention and accessibility. Their work, recognized for increasing training flexibility, has been integrated into community college curriculums for workforce development in Ohio. Expert in Programmable Logic Controllers and known for a holistic approach to learning, their experience extends beyond manufacturing to include finance and customer service sectors.

Jeremy Terhune

An experienced Instructional Designer specializing in designing and developing creative solutions, with a focus on solving business problems and addressing performance gaps. Passionate about creating high-quality learning experiences through coaching and collaboration. Expertise includes interactive eLearning content, motion graphics explainer videos, and performance support platforms.

Jessica Bradt

A trained graphic designer, instructional designer, and e-learning developer, combines her passion for creating engaging and interactive e-learning experiences with a solid academic background, including a Master of Arts in Education for E-Learning & New Media Design, a Certificate in Digital Art & Design, and a Bachelor of Science in Aerospace Engineering. Her process begins with analyzing learning objectives and audience needs, followed by designing a content strategy that integrates interactive elements and a cohesive graphic design scheme.

Joanna Kurpiewska

A seasoned e-learning developer, who combines 15 years of industry experience with a creative and practical approach to crafting engaging learning experiences. Utilizing a robust toolkit that includes Articulate Storyline, Adobe Creative Suite, and AI technologies, specialized in creating immersive e-learning content that meets learners’ needs. Recognized for their innovative solutions with a Learning Developer of the Year award, they excel in applying out-of-the-box thinking to develop impactful educational material.

Joanne Chen

An e-Learning expert with over 20 years of experience across various sectors, from preschool to corporate training. She excels in instructional design, project management, and developing engaging e-Learning content. Passionate about enhancing learning outcomes, Joanne also advises on employee development strategies and trains in eLearning creation. Recognized as an Articulate Hero, she offers comprehensive services in e-Learning design and implementation.

Jodi M. Sansone

An Instructional Designer and E-learning Specialist with a verstile skillset to craft a wide range of interactive and educational content, from immersive 3D tours and engaging quizzes to informative infographics and animated videos using Vyond. Their portfolio showcases versatility in topics covering art, sports, health, and more, highlighting innovative approaches to e-learning that cater to diverse audiences. With a focus on engaging design and meaningful learning experiences, they demonstrate a unique ability to blend creativity with educational value across various subjects.

Jonathan Hill

A seasoned learning professional with expertise in financial services and adult education, now focused on creating training materials for the gambling industry. Renowned for incorporating storytelling, attention-grabbing novelty, humor, and effective recall stimulation into educational content. This professional excels in designing assessments that accurately test understanding across various topics. Recognized as an Articulate Hero and an award-winning L&D expert, they bring a dynamic and innovative approach to learning and development.

Julie Bigot

A digital learning designer with a background in graphic design, specializing in engaging target audiences through interactive storytelling and playful mechanics. This professional combines expertise in Articulate Storyline, Adobe Illustrator, Vyond, VTS Editor, and Genially to create dynamic e-learning modules that captivate learners. With a passion for murder mystery parties and board games, they bring creativity and innovation to their work, earning trust across the industry.

Kari Edmonds

An instructional designer passionate about creating engaging eLearning through visuals and animations, this professional focuses on making content understandable and relevant to business goals. With a strong emphasis on learner empathy and user experience, they are committed to continuous improvement. Their diverse portfolio showcases projects on customer service, financial planning, and social media best practices, highlighting a versatile skill set and an eagerness to explore new ideas and technologies.

Kate Golomshtok

An online course developer with a journey starting in 2012, this professional has crafted over 200 high-quality courses for an international clientele. Specializing in engaging scriptwriting, intuitive design, and rapid development with tools like Articulate Storyline and Rise, they excel in transforming complex information into educational content.

Krithika Saravanan

A results-driven, impact-focused Instructional Designer with a passion for creating meaningful learning solutions. Currently advancing expertise through a Masters program, and known as the go-to person for fixing technical issues both professionally and personally.

Laura Hansen

A seasoned professional with over 10 years of experience in developing comprehensive training solutions, from conducting root cause analyses to developing content and performing impact analyses. With advanced degrees in Business and Human Resource Management, and a Bachelor’s in Journalism, her educational background is robust. Laura is proficient in online authoring tools like Camtasia, Articulate Storyline, and Rise, and holds a Kirkpatrick Silver certification.

Lee Hippolite

Based in Amsterdam, Netherlands, specialized in learning experience design, learning theories, and frameworks, with additional expertise in SCRUM/Agile, UX/UI, and visual design. Graduating from the University of the Western Cape with a degree in Communication, Media Studies, and English Literature, they bring a diverse skill set to their work. With over a decade of experience in the learning and development field, particularly within the Tech industry, they excel in learning experience design, project management, learning strategy, and training needs analysis.

Logan Monday

A dynamic trainer and eLearning specialist, this professional excels in turning complex subjects into effective, actionable training solutions. With extensive experience across the financial sector, startups, and SaaS, combined with a strong foundation in educational roles, they bring a comprehensive approach to training and learning experience design. Specializing in creating engaging instructor-led workshops, interactive eLearning courses, and practical job aids, their work is focused on delivering measurable results and enjoyable learning experiences.

Maria Munoz

An experienced instructional designer specializes in crafting engaging and impactful learning experiences, blending adult learning principles with the latest technology. This professional excels in collaborating with Subject Matter Experts to develop tailored training content that addresses knowledge gaps and aligns with organizational goals. Their approach includes a thorough analysis of learning needs, the design and development of customized solutions, and an evaluation process to ensure effectiveness and continuous improvement.

Matthew White

Passionate about creating meaningful, memorable, and motivational learning experiences. An Instructional Designer based in Cleveland, Ohio, with more than 10 years of training and technology experience. Matthew is adept at identifying training needs within a workplace and providing tailored training solutions, both live and virtual, to address those needs. This includes live virtual sessions, in-person training, and self-paced eLearning modules. His professional raison d’être: I leverage technology, training, and leadership skills to create, develop, implement, and deliver impactful learning experiences that make a difference in the workplace.

Michael Schleicher

Michael Schleicher specializes in instructional design, focusing on strategic, customized learning solutions to drive change. He adeptly combines e-learning development, blended learning, and gamification with a strong foundation in curriculum design and learning management systems. Utilizing tools like Articulate Rise, Storyline, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Vyond, Michael crafts engaging learning experiences that enhance outcomes and learner engagement.

Michelle Susar

Senior Instructional Designer with 20 years of experience specializes in blending instructor-led and digital learning, applying the ADDIE process with proficiency in Articulate 360, Adobe Captivate, and more. This professional focuses on eLearning design and development, training curriculum development, and performance improvement, demonstrating a strong track record in delivering impactful training programs and effectively implementing LMS systems across various industries.

Mike Stein

Mike is a Master’s trained instructional designer with over 10 years experience in specializing in higher education, non-profit organizations and small businesses. He runs Mike Stein Design, a consulting and training development company, and ID Atlas, an instructional design training firm that aims to help new and transitioning IDs break into the field with mentorship, coaching and on the job training. Mike is experienced leading teams and managing innovative projects and is a passionate advocate for accessibility and supporting learners with disabilities. Mike is a seasoned workshop facilitator and conducts face-to-face, hybrid and online workshops, as well as individual and group consultations, needs analyses, curriculum and course design and evaluation, course authoring and technology training. Mike also designs and develops educational HTML-based games to engage learners and meet learning outcomes.

Montse Anderson

With over 15 years of experience in the learning and multimedia industries, this freelance e-learning designer is renowned as an Articulate Super Hero (MVP). From teaching Graphics and Multimedia design at prestigious universities to managing multimedia design groups for government agencies, she has a diverse background in education and leadership. Specializing in virtual learning environments, she has trained faculty on incorporating Second Life into curricula. With a BS in Marketing and an MA in Organizational Management, she brings a unique blend of skills to every project. Connect with her via email, Twitter, or LinkedIn to discuss your next project.

N R Z Malik

An accomplished eLearning developer and instructional designer from Pakistan. With over five years of experience, he has completed more than 100 projects across 15 countries. N R Z specializes in innovative eLearning solutions, LMS management, and web development. He holds a degree in Software Engineering and has a robust portfolio featuring projects involving AI integration, gamification, and custom plugin development.

Rhonelee Soria

A Learning Experience Designer and a Multimedia/Content Developer from Los Angeles with more than 10 years of experience. She specializes in creating media for online education and passionate about making engaging learning experiences.

Samuel Apata

With a solid foundation in brand management, advertising, and a specialization in instructional systems design from UMBC, Samuel excels in crafting sustainable learning programs. His expertise lies in using tools like Create Studio and Vyond Studio to develop engaging online courses. With a passion for e-learning, he leads workshops on learning technologies and contributes actively to the e-learning community.

Shan G. Stone

A Learning Designer from New Zealand crafting engaging digital experiences, dedicated to delivering impactful learning solutions.

Taneem Mia

As a seasoned professional with 15 years of experience in psychology and social services, specialized in creating transformative learning programs. Their empathy-driven approach to instructional design aims to inspire positive change in diverse groups, drawing on a deep understanding of human behavior and social issues.

Teo Karageorgakis

A Learning Designer & Developer with over a decade of experience, this professional specializes in creating modern eLearning solutions that are engaging, interactive, and meaningful. With expertise in user experience and development, they utilize tools like Storyline, Rise, WordPress, Premiere, Photoshop, and Vyond to craft award-winning educational technology projects.

Thaddaeus Smith

Based in Portland, Oregon, specializing in gamification, simulations, and branching scenarios to engage learners and create effective educational experiences. The process involves analyzing learner needs, designing, developing, and implementing learning solutions, followed by evaluating learning outcomes, with regular client interactions. The portfolio includes e-learning, instructional design, microlearning, games & simulations, and E-Learning Heroes Challenges, demonstrating a dedication to innovative and impactful education strategies.

Thierry Emmanuel

Specializing in learning design and development with a foundation in brand management and advertising, this expert has ten years of experience enhancing educational experiences through gamification, simulations, and interactive scenarios. With degrees in Animation and Instructional Systems Design, they excel in creating meaningful eLearning solutions, evidenced by innovative projects for notable organizations. An active participant in E-Learning Heroes Challenges, they are recognized for their creative solutions, utilizing tools like Storyline and Rise to prioritize visual design, storytelling, and user experience in digital education.

Tracy Carroll

An experienced freelance Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer, passionate about eLearning since 2002. This professional embarked on their eLearning journey with an online master’s degree in adult education and later, a graduate certificate in instructional design, both from California State Universities. With a background in high school and adult education, including online faculty roles, they possess expert skills in Articulate 360, 2D and 3D animation tools, and Camtasia video editing. Holding a Master’s in Adult Education and several teaching credentials, they are known for creating high-quality training solutions across various educational sectors.

Tyler Garrison

An accomplished professional with a B.A. in Organizational Leadership/Business Administration and an M.Ed. in Instructional Design and Technology. With experience in the US finance and retail industries and over 7 years in education in Taiwan, excelling as Head of Department, specializing in curriculum development, instructional material creation, and employee training.

Wrenn Corcoran

Specializing in Learning & Development, this professional leverages technology to innovate adult education since 2013. With a MSEd in Learning Design & Technology, the focus is on transforming traditional models into engaging experiences that promote behavior change. Dedicated to lifelong learning through a variety of platforms, this professional is recognized with awards and holds key instructional design credentials. Their work includes creating dynamic eLearning scenarios and video tutorials, aiming to inspire curiosity and effective learning beyond the conventional classroom.

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