Content Creation & Authoring Tools

An open-source eLearning authoring tool designed for creating responsive, interactive eLearning content accessible on any device. It supports extensive customization and is powered by a community-driven plugin ecosystem.

open-source, responsive, HTML5, SCORM-compliant, customization, interactive, eLearning, device-agnostic, plugins, community-driven

Adobe Captivate

Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Assessment & Testing Tools, Creative & Multimedia Editing Software

Specializes in creating responsive eLearning content, including simulations and virtual reality. Adobe Captivate is known for its dynamic assessments and multimedia integration capabilities, suitable for all skill levels.

simulations, virtual reality, responsive design, quizzes, multimedia, screencasting, interactivity, eLearning, software simulations, HTML5

Adobe Express

Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Creative & Multimedia Editing Software

Now in beta, Adobe Express is an all-in-one, AI-powered content creation app designed to make stunning visuals effortlessly. From flyers to TikToks and resumes to Reels, Adobe Express leverages the powerful generative AI capabilities of Adobe Firefly, enabling anyone to produce eye-catching content without any coding skills.

AI content creation, generative AI, flyers, TikTok videos, resumes, Instagram Reels, free to use, no coding required, professional templates, quick actions, edit PDFs, interactive design tool


Learning Management Systems (LMS), Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Resource Planning, Career & Professional Development Tools

Anthology offers a comprehensive suite of products for higher education, business, and government sectors, focusing on the entire learner lifecycle. From enrollment and retention to career development, and alumni engagement, their tools leverage data analytics and learning effectiveness to improve educational outcomes. The platform integrates learning management (LMS), student information systems (SIS), and institutional intelligence to support informed decision-making and enhance learning experiences.

Learner lifecycle, Enrollment, Career development, Alumni engagement, Data analytics, Learning management, Student information system, Institutional intelligence, Assessment management, Educational outcomes

Articulate 360

Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Collaboration & Communication Tools

A comprehensive eLearning authoring platform that simplifies course creation across devices. It offers a suite of tools for interactive content development, including Storyline and Rise, with a focus on collaboration and feedback.

eLearning, microlearning, SCORM, xAPI, interactive, multimedia, responsive design, collaboration, assessment, course authoring, Storyline 360, Rise 360


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Creative & Multimedia Editing Software

Camtasia is a powerful video editing and screen recording software that’s perfect for creating instructional videos. It offers a wide range of features including animations, effects, and quizzes, making it a go-to tool for educators and trainers to create interactive and informative video content.

Screen recording, Video editing, Quizzes, Interactive videos, Animations, E-Learning, Tutorials, Multimedia, Educational content, Visual storytelling


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Creative & Multimedia Editing Software

A versatile design tool that simplifies the creation of projects through a user-friendly interface and extensive template library. Whether you’re designing presentations, social media posts, videos, or print materials, Canva enables seamless collaboration and design with features like real-time commenting and drag-and-drop editing.

design tool, professional templates, user-friendly interface, presentations, social media posts, real-time collaboration, drag-and-drop editing, high-quality design, accessible design solutions, creative projects, team collaboration, print materials, video editing

Chameleon Creator

Content Creation & Authoring Tools

Chameleon Creator is tailored for L&D teams and subject matter experts, designed to simplify the creation of e-learning content. It stands out for its user-friendly, drag-and-drop interface, allowing teams to produce interactive and visually appealing courses quickly. Chameleon offers fast content creation, ease of use, and customization options to enhance the learning experience, supported by responsive design, WCAG 2.0 accessibility, and 24/7 tech support.

Elearning authoring, User-friendly, Intuitive, Drag-and-drop, No training required, Fast content creation, Engaging e-learning, Collaborative tools, Responsive design, Built-in image library, Parallax backgrounds


Learning Management Systems (LMS), Career & Professional Development Tools

Coursera partners with universities and organizations worldwide to offer online courses, specializations, and degrees in a variety of subjects, including instructional design. It provides access to high-quality education, making it possible to learn from industry experts and professors from top universities.

Online courses, Higher education, Professional development, Specializations, Degrees, University partnerships, Industry experts, Lifelong learning, Digital learning, Global education


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Assessment & Testing Tools

Easygenerator provides an intuitive, user-friendly platform for creating eLearning content without the need for extensive technical knowledge. It enables educators and trainers to develop engaging courses with interactive elements, assessments, and personalized learning paths.

eLearning, Course creation, Interactive elements, Assessments, Personalization, Cloud-based, User-friendly, Collaborative design, SCORM, Feedback tools


Assessment & Testing Tools, Creative & Multimedia Editing Software

A powerful tool for educators that transforms traditional teaching methods with its interactive video lessons. Designed to engage, assess, and track student progress, Edpuzzle empowers teachers to create personalized learning experiences. With features like embedded questions for critical thinking and instant analytics for easy assessment, Edpuzzle revolutionizes the way educators deliver instruction.

interactive video lessons, engagement, assessment, student progress tracking, personalized learning, embedded questions, critical thinking, instant analytics, instruction delivery


Content Creation & Authoring Tools

A robust online platform that allows users to create and share captivating, interactive content effortlessly. With no coding required, anyone can transform static content into dynamic experiences such as interactive presentations, infographics, and training materials. Genially’s drag-and-drop editor, along with its vast library of over 1400 customizable templates, makes it simple to incorporate animations, quizzes, and rich media to engage audiences deeply.

interactive content creation, infographics, drag-and-drop editor, customizable templates, gamification, multimedia experiences, no coding required, educational tools, marketing, corporate training, free platform, rich media integration

Google Forms

Assessment & Testing Tools, Collaboration & Communication Tools

A powerful online tool that enables users to easily create, share, and analyze surveys and forms. It offers a user-friendly interface that allows for quick form design, custom logic additions, and aesthetic customizations to reflect organizational branding. Responses are automatically summarized and can be visually analyzed in real-time or exported to Google Sheets for further exploration.

online surveys, form creation, real-time analysis, data visualization, collaborative editing, custom logic, branding customization, Google Sheets integration, mobile access, secure data handling, cloud-based tool


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Games & Simulations

H5P is a dynamic, open-source platform designed to make it easy for anyone to create, share, and reuse interactive HTML5 content directly in their browser. With H5P, users can create interactive videos, games, and presentations. H5P integrates seamlessly with popular CMS and LMS systems through plugins, supporting a wide array of devices including mobile platforms. Free to use and community-supported.

HTML5 content creation, interactivity, open-source software, educational technology, responsive design, interactive videos, educational games, e-learning, mobile-friendly content, free educational tools


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Learning Management Systems (LMS)

iSpring offers a range of eLearning tools that simplify creating, managing, and delivering online courses and training. Its main products include iSpring Learn LMS for team training management, iSpring Page for creating courses and quizzes on Mac, and iSpring Suite, which allows users to convert PowerPoint slides into eLearning content. With a focus on user-friendly interfaces and powerful functionality, iSpring helps organizations efficiently train their teams and measure learning outcomes.

online training, eLearning tools, iSpring Page, PowerPoint to eLearning, course creation, quiz maker, corporate training, learning management system, AI-powered eLearning, interactive courses


Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Games & Simulations

Kahoot! turns learning into a game. It enables educators to create quiz-based games, which are designed to make learning fun, interactive, and social. It’s suitable for classrooms, professional training environments, and other educational settings, encouraging engagement through competition and play.

Quiz games, Interactive learning, Gamification, Educational games, Classroom engagement, Social learning, Training, Fun learning, Student participation, Feedback mechanism


Content Creation & Authoring Tools

Lectora is a powerful eLearning authoring software offering advanced capabilities for creating interactive, multi-device compatible courses. It’s known for its flexibility in integrating with any LMS and supports responsive design to ensure accessibility across platforms.

Authoring tool, Responsive design, Multi-device, SCORM, xAPI, Integration, Accessibility, Interactivity, Customization, E-learning development


Assessment & Testing Tools

A tool offering creation of interactions like Word Clouds, Polls, and Quizzes to enhance engagement and gather valuable insights. Seamlessly integrate with popular apps like Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

interactive presentations, engagement tools, real-time feedback, audience participation, polls, quizzes, surveys, online workshops


Learning Management Systems (LMS), Courseware & Curricula

Moodle is a free, open-source learning platform designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with a single robust, secure, and integrated system for creating personalized learning environments. It’s widely used for blended learning, distance education, flipped classroom, and other e-learning projects in schools, universities, workplaces, and other sectors.

Open-source, LMS, E-learning, Course management, Personalized learning, Secure, Integrated system, Blended learning, Distance education, Flipped classroom, Scalability


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Collaboration & Communication Tools

A versatile digital board tool that helps users collect, organize, and present content visually. Ideal for creating interactive boards for various uses like educational lessons, project management, and personal portfolios, Padlet supports text, images, and videos, allowing for dynamic content arrangement. Whether you’re arranging a timeline, setting up a Kanban board, or sharing a photo album, Padlet makes it easy to share and collaborate on projects in real-time.

digital board, content organization, interactive presentation, Kanban board, educational tool, project management, collaboration, real-time sharing, multimedia support, visual content, timeline creation, portfolio display, user engagement

Poll Everywhere

Assessment & Testing Tools

A tool that enhances presentations with live polling and interactive activities, enabling real-time audience engagement and feedback collection. Trusted by millions worldwide, it’s a simple yet powerful tool for fostering inclusive conversations and gathering actionable insights.

presentations, live polling, interactive activities, audience engagement, feedback collection, inclusive conversations, actionable insights


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Creative & Multimedia Editing Software

Powtoon is a user-friendly animation software designed to create engaging videos and presentations. It allows users to craft animated content with ease, providing a range of templates, characters, and assets. Ideal for educators, marketers, and businesses, Powtoon enhances storytelling and communication through visually appealing, interactive media.

Animated videos, Video Messaging, Character Builder, PowerPoint to video, Animation Software, Video Creation, Interactive Presentations, Engaging Content, Storytelling Tools, Educational Media, Marketing Videos, Animated Templates, Visual Communication

ProProfs Quiz Maker

Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Games & Simulations

An online quiz maker to effortlessly create various quizzes and assessments with features like Personality Quizzes and Scored Quizzes. Streamline the process with AI Quiz Maker and auto-grading capabilities.

Quiz Maker, assessments, Personality Quizzes, Scored Quizzes, AI Quiz Maker, auto-grading


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Assessment & Testing Tools, Data Analysis & Visualization Tools

A tool that transforms the way users engage with their audience by turning responses into dynamic, interactive presentations. This innovative tool enables users to create engaging activities, pose a variety of questions—from open-ended to multiple choice—and instantly visualize the data through interactive charts such as bar graphs, pie charts, and word clouds. It is designed to enhance presentations by making data interaction both informative and visually compelling.

interactive presentations, data visualization, interactive charts, bar graphs, pie charts, word clouds, open-ended questions, multiple choice questions, engaging activities, presentation tool, dynamic visualization, data-driven storytelling


Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Games & Simulations

An intuitive tool designed for educators to create engaging quizzes and assessments effortlessly. With features like AI-driven instruction and a vast library of customizable content, teachers can personalize learning experiences for every student. Quizizz improves student motivation, confidence, and performance while reducing test-taking anxiety.

quiz maker, assessments, AI-driven instruction, personalized learning, student engagement, interactive quizzes, customizable content, student motivation, performance improvement, formative assessment, teacher feedback, classroom tool, online learning, gamification, real-time insights, data-driven instruction


Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Games & Simulations

Quizlet is an online learning tool that allows students and teachers to create and share flashcards, games, and tests for various subjects. It supports various study modes including learning, flashcards, write, spell, and test, making it versatile for different learning needs and styles.

Flashcards, Study tools, Learning games, Test preparation, Interactive learning, Educational resources, Customizable quizzes, Collaborative learning, Language learning, Mobile learning


Assessment & Testing Tools, Collaboration & Communication Tools

An assessment tool designed to enhance the learning experience by providing real-time feedback and visualization of student progress. It allows educators to quickly assess understanding with activities like quizzes and polls and adjust their teaching strategies accordingly.

real-time feedback, student assessment, learning visualization, quizzes, polls, personalized activities, educational technology, formative assessment, classroom engagement, instant results, automatic grading


Content Creation & Authoring Tools

A tool to create interactive images and videos by adding clickable hotspots. It can be used for creating interactive infographics, virtual tours, and interactive maps to enhance e-learning content.

interactive visuals, virtual tours, simulations, immersive content, online learning, interactive course modules, multimedia editor, scenario builder, engagement analytics, educational technology


Assessment & Testing Tools

A tool that simplifies form creation with a focus on design and user experience. It features engaging, single-question layouts to make form completion straightforward. The tool offers a variety of templates for different uses, such as feedback collection and customer surveys, and integrates with over 120 services like Zapier and HubSpot to fit seamlessly into existing workflows.

form creation, user experience, single-question layout, data collection, feedback surveys, form templates

WellSaid Labs

Content Creation & Authoring Tools

An advanced AI voice generation platform that turns text into lifelike voiceovers, enhancing digital content across various applications like eLearning, advertising, and video production. The platform features high-quality, diverse AI voices that can be customized for tone, pace, and emotional delivery to suit different narratives and brand identities.

AI voice generation, text-to-speech technology, voiceover production, voice customization, high-quality AI voices, diverse voice avatars


Content Creation & Authoring Tools, Assessment & Testing Tools, Educational Games & Simulations

A versatile tool for creating interactive presentations, Wooclap offers 21 question types like Multiple Choice, Word Clouds, and Open Questions, allowing presenters to engage their audience in various ways. Beyond its diverse question options, Wooclap provides features such as real-time audience response, live messaging, and competition mode, enhancing participant interaction and fostering collaboration.

Interactive presentations, Audience engagement, Audience response system, Question types, Multiple Choice, Word Clouds, Open Questions, Real-time feedback, Collaboration, Live messaging, Competition mode